Wednesday, December 31, 2008

. . .have heard of Bill.

A short I shot/directed that was shown at Mofest(a Chicago based film fest based around the production community) and Underskatement(a traveling film fest sponsored by Adidas)

. . .remember this one.

This is a doc/moc that I shot a little while ago.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008

. . .take a look at these, again.

This is a behind the scenes look, from the event organizers perspective, at one of the biggest skateboard contests of the year.

Birdsong 3 at Etnies Goofy vs Regular from peter w. on Vimeo.

Every year, xXx Racing puts on the Sherman Park Crit. It's a great race in an amazing park.

xxx Sherman Park Crit 2008 from peter w. on Vimeo.

A travel day. This was shot with a little Flip camera. It's a short look at traveling and the anxiety that comes with it.

Going from peter w. on Vimeo.