Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Sundays 18

Sundays 18

This was a lost episode that I never posted!

I'd like to think I've invented a new camera move. Actually it's a combo of curling and videography. By counter weighting the camera, I was able to slide it under obstacles mid line, catch it and continue filming. Granted, it's a dumb thing to do with a camera, see the end of the video, but it was something different.

Sundays Episode 19 (Now with some street skating!)

"Nah, we'll just go there to warm up," that was our plan at least. Five hours later, we left the Little Village skatepark. I was too tired/old to skate after that. Luckily, Bill Wiora got us some reinforcements and we hit the streets, for an hour or so.
Hopefully this isn't the last session before the weather/baby come roaring in...