Tuesday, June 11, 2013

. . .let me see that.

Sundays Episode 33 - Combo Pack from peter w. on Vimeo.

Things have been busy lately.  Plus, the sessions haven't really panned out.  Whether it's rain, lack of motivation or whatever, sometimes there's just not enough footage to put together an edit.  This episode is from some of the days where we couldn't get our act together.  Except for the Villa Park session, we were rained out.  Oh yeah, we even were able to skate with Steve Davenport from Yeah Boardshop this past weekend too! The dude shreds.

A little back story on one of the clips.  Bill Wiora's double exposure line at :21.  We actually went back and refilm the first thing we ever shot together, the line at Tito Benches (10 years ago?).  I ended up laying the original line on top of the new version (turns out, both the skating and filming were better ten years ago! HA).

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